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We are the Open and Free Community for Developers where we all are  freelancer and entrepreneurs ready to work on projects. We do Tech meetups and workshop etc.. Sharing knowledge with each other..

A Community Driven Company

How We Learn

After you join we guide you and provide you industry top notch courses as per your interest area with cloud workstation to follow those courses to build your new skills and make you ready for tech career and it’s completely free not a single penny we take from you. We are open for everyone.

How We Earn

We have Dedicated Marketing team who promote other projects that we trust and generate revenue from them also our Marketing team promote our services too and projects we get from them we forwarded to our trusted carefully selected developer team from the community for development and the money we generate from those projects we divide equally among developers who involved in those particular projects.

We are Developer Community who want to make impact on tech industry by our inovations




Our Meetups

We include various technology in our meetups as everyone have different interest like web development   

Meetup 1 (Include WordPress, Lbry, Web development)

This meetup is our official first meetup. In this meetup we discussed about building our community driven company called Hackosphere.Co where we learn and earn money together. From 4 April to 12 April 40 students joined as a freelancer. It’s like a place where freelancer can learn and earn money by contributing and helping in the projects.


Attendees: 24 student’s

Meetup 2 (Include AWS Cloud9, Teamtreehouse, Lbry)

This meet is our 2nd meetup where we discuss about how AWS Cloud9 workstations can help us to build our projects and how TeamTreeHouse can teach us to build our new skills that can be helpful for future also we discuss about how we use blockchain technologies  like LBRY protocol and Eos.


Attendees: 23 student’s

Meetup 3 (Include Eos, Lbry, AWS Cloud9, Teamtreehouse, Lbry)

In this meetup we presented a demo on working of Cloud Hosting, ,TeamTreehouse, LBRY beta web version. We also gave introduction on EOS blockchain and also discussed about working on a partnership with EOS Isreal Community for their cross-support so our students can learn new blockchain technology.

Attendees: 6 student’s

How You Can Get Involved

Join Our Discord to get Involved


We do tech Meetups in different different colleges across india to promote new technologies and build developer community among students.   


We do Tech Workshops to empower the students to build new skills and guide them to how they can make impact in tech industries.  

Social Media Marketing Network

We are making social media marketing network among student that promote technologies that we believe.  

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Most of our team members are Students from IT and CS engneering ready to make impact on tech industry..

No 8, M cube, The Business Hub, Vapi, Gujarat 396145